Our Decision To Purchase An Osage

After working as a paramedic for 17 years on the streets and an additional 10 years in the Directors role I have seen a lot of ambulances and sales representatives.  I had spoken with Keith Bryan over the last few years but really didn’t give him much of a chance to try and sell me an ambulance, I had been in the same brand ambulance for the last 26 years.  Finally, I heard what Keith was saying and started looking seriously at his products.  I talked with my Supervisors and we made the decision to purchase a custom Osage ambulance through Southeastern Specialty Vehicles.  The process was seamless, I was updated throughout the build with phone calls and emails including pictures of the vehicle throughout the build process.  Once Keith delivered the ambulance we were very pleased with our decision to purchase an Osage through Keith and the staff at SSV.  Keith has made a believer out of me and delivered exactly what he said he would.  Service after the sell has been exceptional as well and we will purchase from SSV again as we replace our current fleet.