Ambulance Complete Rebuild

A few years ago we had an Ambulance to catch fire in the electrical cabinet. We asked several companies for quotes on rewiring the complete system. The only company that even wanted to tackle a job like this was Southeastern Specialty Vehicles.

Keith Bryan and his staff not only was willing to take this on, but insisted we give them the opportunity. After a few calls and emails our ambulance was on the way to their shop, for the complete rebuild of the electrical system from the cab to the module. I might also mention this was the biggest mod you can put on a Type 3 ambulance.

The staff at SSV not only did the job in a record pace but did it with integrity and an attention to detail that was second to none. I would not only recommend SSV for all your emergency vehicle needs but would insist on giving them the opportunity to full fill those needs.

Thank you again to the SSV team for the outstanding job, and we hope to get to work with you in the future.