Smiths Station Fire & Rescue

Vehicle Delivery Address

Smiths Station Fire & Rescue

50 Lee Rd 430, Smiths Station, AL 36877

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Smiths Station Fire & Rescue

Brand: Osage

Type Of Vehicle: Ambulance

Vehicle Details

Smiths Station Fire & Rescue was formed in 1966 to serve their community and surrounding areas. In Feb 2018 they purchased their first 2 used ambulance to further serve their community. Currently they serve approximately 40,000 residents, and are in one of the fastest growing counties in the state of Alabama. This Osage will replace one of their current ambulances, and is just another example of how the department is serving their community.

Vehicle Featured Options

LED emergency lights LED compartment lights LED interior lights LED scene/load lights Whelen dual tone siren Whele Howler Stryker PerformanceLOAD custom paint/reflective graphics/lettering stairchair bracket adjustable shelves in interior cabinets USB power in patient area monitor shelf with power behind CPR seat Vanner inverter/battery conditioner patient view and reverse cameras with recording to SD card DriDeck in all compartments, Whelen LED Traffic Advisor recessed storage for portable O2 with Zico brackets Attendant seat with integrated child safety seat