Houston Healthcare EMS

Vehicle Delivery Address

Houston Healthcare EMS

1601 Watson Blvd, Warner Robins, GA 31903


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Houston Healthcare EMS

Brand: SSV remount of McCoy Miller box

Type Of Delivery: Remount

Type Of Vehicle: Ambulance

Vehicle Details

Houston Healthcare EMS provides 911 service to Houston County, GA covering an area of 380 square miles. Serving a population of 152,122, the service operates sixteen ambulances running over 29,000 responses per year with a staff of 86 paramedics, EMT’s and support personnel.

Vehicle Featured Options

Converted McCoy Miller ambulance module from Type 3 to Type 1 Converted existing CPR seat to extended solid surface counter with cabinet above and below LED Emergency lights with clear lenses and chrome bezels new attendant seat with integrated child safety seat new seatbase heater, new vinyl throughout patient area new plexiglas in interior cabinets new LonPlate flooring New HVAC with underbody condenser